Pentagon Declines Trump Admin’s Request to Build Detention Facilities

Clay Curtis
November 6, 2018

They said they won't be going out on patrol.

As of this past Thursday, the first 100 active-duty troops arrived at the U.S. He said they would not be taking part in law enforcement activities like crowd control.

President Donald Trump's decision to deploy United States active duty troops and earlier deployment of National Guard forces to the southern border could cost between $200 million and $300 million, according to an independent analysis and Department of Defense figures on guard deployments.

"The requests that we have from the Department of Homeland Security and CBP [Customs and Border Protection] is to build [facilities] to support CBP personnel and our military personnel", he said.

"We have a problem at the border", he said.

The Posse Comitatus law forbids the United States military from enforcing domestic laws, unless there's no other choice.

President Trump on Saturday referred to the barbed wire as "beautiful" and said that "barbed wire used properly can be a lovely sight".

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More than 8,000 active duty troops could be deployed troops to the southwest border, more than he has serving in some of the world's most contentious combat zones, but they are there exclusively to support Homeland Security officials as they prepare for the migrants' arrival.

But, the official noted, that was not expected to be part of Faithful Patriot and the timing of any such future mission was unclear.

Asked about the cost of the operation, Manning said it had yet to be determined by the Pentagon's financial services.

That would be in addition to an estimated cost of $182 million for the already announced deployment of National Guard troops to the border in May. CSBA also estimates that the use of military aircraft in this deployment would cost about $136,645 per day.

After initial discussions about the issue, there was no mention of troops building migrant housing facilities when the DHS later made a formal request to the Pentagon for help on the border, the officials said.

This dedicated mission has been set to last only 45 days.

Active duty USA troops are barred from domestic law enforcement unless there is an emergency, but Trump has repeatedly raised the prospect of having troops enforce the border as he campaigns hard on the dangers of immigration ahead of the midterm elections. The Department of Homeland Security disputes that characterization, and the story has been updated with DHS comment.

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