Democrats need to win back the Obama-Trump voter. Will they succeed?

Daniel Fowler
November 7, 2018

Trump encouraged voters to view the first nationwide election of his presidency as a referendum on his leadership, pointing proudly to the surging economy at recent rallies.

"Let me say this. But, in a way, actually he is".

Trump is stressing Senate contests like Indiana's after sending signals that maintaining the House may be out of reach.

Bernie Sanders, the leftist populist who some feel would have had a better chance than Clinton to take on Trump in 2016, lashed out Monday at the president, calling him a "pathological liar".

Less than two weeks ago in this city, a white man gunned down two African-American shoppers at a grocery store in what police described as a racially motivated attack.

Trump declared "the Republican agenda is the American dream" and at his final event, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, he called on supporters to seize their "righteous destiny as Americans".

Days later, a gunman walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue and shot 11 worshippers dead.

"Tomorrow, with your votes, you can stop the radical resistance in its tracks", Trump announced, adding that "Tuesday is your chance to send a message to the Democrat mob and to everyone who has made it their mission to denigrate our movement and to divide our great nation".

He'd pulled into the parking lot minutes after the gunfire erupted, saw the police cars and shaken employees, and felt like the country's poisonous political climate had landed in his backyard.

But as he touched down in IN on Monday, even Trump conceded that the House may slip from his party's grasp. But I think both sides will be ultimately disappointed by the results. "I don't think Trump has done that at all".

Le’Veon Bell hints at ending holdout with a tweet
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What happens on election day?

He can't remember ever voting for a Democrat but said he might this time in protest. While President Trump's focus on immigration has helped Republicans in some races, others fear that he has gone too far and alienated swing voters.

Almost 40 percent of voters cast their ballots to express opposition to the president, according to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate, while one-in-four said they voted to express support for Trump. "I'm not saying we know for sure it's going to be a repeat, but a lot of the polls heading into the final weekend of 2016 suggested it was neck-and-neck as it is now in a lot of these Senate battles, it was in the presidential race; and then the president was doing those rallies, he had real momentum and that's what really propelled him in states like Wisconsin, Florida... that late surge that a lot of the pollsters missed". However, Trump walked away with the victory against all odds.

That is reflected in the early vote totals for these midterms, which are high.

A friend recently sent Hoeppner a photo of immigrants arriving at Ellis Island with a note that said: "For our ancestors, this is their caravan". The crowd responded with the chant, "Lock her up!"

But in Ohio, Judy Jenkins, a 60-year-old Republican, said she was voting exclusively for GOP candidates.

"Under the expectation that Republican voters typically are more likely to turn out, can Democrats energize people who identify with the Democratic Party to turn out and vote for their candidates?" But if they don't win a House majority or if they do but lose a fair number of seats in the Senate, their failure to recapture the Obama-Trump voter will be a big reason why. Forty-four per cent said they either were unsure which party to support or meant to back neither party's nominee. "But what I say is look what he's done for the country and not always what he's said on Twitter". He said that enthusiasm was off the charts. Young people, who historically sit out of midterm elections, and women are both expected to be pivotal forces Tuesday.

Elections for all the members of the House are held every two years.

In Pittsburgh, where residents just finished burying those gunned down at the Tree of Life synagogue, some voters saw their Election Day decisions as a way to send a message that the country is headed down a dark and risky path. 3% of likely voters said they would choose another candidate while 6% were undecided.

Rose Cathleen Bagin, 77, lives in the same neighbourhood as the synagogue. "The people are sort of holding for Tuesday", Trump said after asking the audience whether they'd already voted.

"I can't stand the bad things he says and the awful things he's doing", said Bagin, who plans to vote Democratic Tuesday.

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