A 360 degree bowling action!

Tanya Simon
November 9, 2018

Left-arm spinner Shiva Singh turned 360 degrees before delivering the ball during an Under-23 CK Nayudu match between Bengal and Uttar Pradesh.

The law says "Either umpire shall call and signal Dead ball when ... there is an instance of a deliberate attempt to distract under either of Laws 41.4 (Deliberate attempt to distract striker) or 41.5 (Deliberate distraction, deception or obstruction of batsman)". But the uniqueness of the idea has seen the video go viral on social media where it has racked up a large number of views and shares.

While the merits of the ball has created plenty of debate, with some calling for it to be made legal, as the rules stand, it is an illegal delivery. The left-arm spinner's sudden turn to toss up the delivery from the right side had the umpire in a tizzy who declared it as a dead bowl. "No Issue at all with this", Michael Vaughan tweeted.

'I delivered this 360-degree ball against Kerala in the Vijay Hazare Trophy as well, where it was fine.

"Vaughan joked about Singh's decision to twirl, referencing Len Goodman - a judge on England's version of Dancing With The Stars - by ending his tweet "#Itsa10fromLen". The match is being played at the Bengal Cricket Academy ground at Kalyani.

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"The law states that the offence is the attempt to distract the batsman, rather than the striker actually being distracted".

Former Pakistani speedster Shoaib Akhtar was pleasantly surprised by Shiva's action and terming him a "360 degree bowler", he said this is something he is seeing for the first time.

Here, we may question the fact that the law applies only to fielders but in the same blog MCC has stated that a bowler is also regarded as fielder, so he/she also falls under the purview. Batsman always goes for the reverse-sweep or the switch-hit against bowlers.

What do YOU make of the delivery?

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