Google rebrands Files Go to 'Files by Google'

Ruben Fields
November 9, 2018

For those unfamiliar with this app, Files by Google allows Android users to free up space on their mobile devices by storing it in the cloud using Google Drive.

The new API will give developers the choice of letting an app lock users out while it installs updates or to let users continue using them as the update is downloaded and installed in the background.

The latter - which Google calls "flexible in-app update" - will be for new but not pressing features. One is a full-screen update where the app user is prevented from using the app until the update has been completed. Developers will also be able to customize the update flow so it feels like it is part of the app.

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Cuthbertson noted that the In-App Updates API is still in testing with Android's early access partners. Now, in keeping with its view of the future for the Next Billion Users (Google's capitalization), the app has a new UI as well as a new name. From that notice you'll see an update button, meaning you won't need to go into Google Play to retrieve the update.

Android's announcement of its Foldables technology was also a summit highlight, with the company highlighting its support for the forthcoming Samsung device that was previewed this week by Samsung Senior Vice President Justin Denison at the 2018 Samsung Developer Conference. Google hasn't announced an official date that it will get wide release but said the API will be available to all developers soon. The new experience comes from an In-app Updates API that is now in testing with early access partners and will reach developers in the coming future.

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