Niantic Celebrates Ingress Prime Launch by Adding Free Items to Pokémon Go

Ruben Fields
November 9, 2018

The new visually overhauled game has been launched on Android and iOS, and is being called Ingress Prime by Niantic.

Many of Pokmon Go's hardcore players are now at the game's level 40 cap - and a growing number of budding Pokmon trainers are now joining them, thanks to the buckets of XP given out by PoGo's recent friendship system.

While this would be fine if the game had been made better, according to numerous game's fans, the sci-fi massively multiplayer title is now demonstrably worse. The tides are turning, however, and as the popularity of Pokemon Go slowly (but surely) fizzles out, Niantic Labs is launching a reboot of its original AR game.

In addition to the new Shiny Pokemon, Niantic is also offering players a couple of free customization items for their trainers to commemorate the launch of Ingress Prime. It only means that all of your progress is safe. Players compete as parts of one of two teams, with the game's storylines affected by the outcome of live "Anomaly" events and the performance of both teams.

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No start date has been announced for the Pokemon Go tie-in to Ingress Prime, but Ingress Prime is now available for download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.

And it seems likely that we will get more crossover events between the two games, as both are run and managed by Niantic. It is a global battle for supremacy that will take place in the real world. There is also a new training function that will serve as an introduction for new players. It streamlines the whole experience and reboots the story so that it makes a lot more sense. The Ingress Anime will be released on Netflix in 2019 and will follow some of the events of the old and new games.

That's all we have so far and as soon as we have more info, you'll be the first to know!

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