The midterm election didn’t mean what you think it meant

Clay Curtis
November 9, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C.: Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) in a midterm setback for Donald Trump, but the USA president managed to avoid a feared "blue wave" as his Republican Party expanded its Senate majority after a polarizing, racially charged campaign. The average number of seats an opposition party wins in midterms in 37, so Tuesday's results are largely unremarkable.

"They can play that game, but we can play it better", Trump said Wednesday at a White House news conference. Questionable things were done, such as leaks of classified information. But the Democrats managed to reclaim a hold on the House of Representatives with 220 seats being won out of the overall 435.

While it said that it was true that a change in the House of Representatives by smaller margins had been called a blue "wave", it also said that Trump avoided disaster and the Democrat candidates who got the most national attention lost.

Yet Trump's party will maintain Senate control for the next two years, at least.

In the Miami area, former Clinton administration Cabinet member Donna Shalala won an open seat, while GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo lost his bid for a third term in a nearby district.

"Now you don't have to worry if you're going to call me congressman or congresswoman or congress lady", Blackburn said in her victory speech.

Pelosi now can go to the progressives and say, in all truthfulness, that Trump has offered to help put together a bipartisan effort to give her the speakership.

"Mike, will you be my running mate?"

William Hill said that Trump's odds had drifted slightly, but agreed he was still the favourite. Of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation that has shadowed his administration for more than 18 months, Trump said, "I could end it right now" but "I let it go on".

The midterms leave power split in Washington as Democrats retake control of the House of Representatives and Republicans expand Senate majority.

His standing with the Democratic base - if not his supporters on the progressive left - risks damage for even entertaining the idea of engaging with Trump, whose presidency Sanders himself described as an "existential danger to everything this country stands for".

Trump was addressing a press conference in Washington, DC, where the United States president was to speak on the country's mid-term elections.

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Kuredjian said that a SWAT team and officers from the Ventura and Simi Valley police departments had converged on the scene. He spent 29 years on the force, and he was planning on retiring next year. he leaves behind a wife and son.

As we move ahead, we can expect the Trump-hating media to continue playing an enormous role in how segments of the population view the president.

The tally from the hypothetical matchup accounts for the fact that ME and Nebraska split their electoral votes by Congressional district, which awarded one hypothetical electoral vote to the Republicans in Maine's second district while Democrats carried the state, the same result as in 2016.

Democrats will have around 229 seats in the 435-member House, while Republicans will hold 53 seats in the 100-member Senate, up from 51, according to projections by The New York Times. Democratic candidates won, or are now leading in, 18 seats by a margin lower than 5 percentage points. That 20% is five times the percentage who disliked George W. Bush but liked his policies when he lost the House in 2006, and 10 times the share that disliked Barack Obama in 2013.

The interaction between Acosta and the intern was brief, and Acosta appeared to brush her arm as she reached for the microphone and he tried to hold onto it. "Pardon me, ma'am", he told her.

But historical precedent suggests that an aggressive strategy targeting the president may backfire come 2020. Sen.

Also among them are the first two Native American women elected to the House - Democrats Sharice Davids of Kansas and Deb Haaland of New Mexico - and the first two Muslim-American women, Rhasida Tlaib of MI and Minnesota's Ilhan Oman.

State legislatures will oversee the drawing of congressional districts after the 2020 Census. Republicans kept their Senate majority.

"We are in a battle".

Trump spent election night watching returns with family and friends at the White House, his shadow looming large over the results. "That's a firewall", GOP volunteer James Murr said.

Given how close key votes were in his first two years in office - most notably Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh (which narrowly passed) and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (which narrowly failed) - Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell no longer need to please every Republican Senator to get their way.

The result was broadly in line with what many analysts projected but makes for a confusing picture. If there had been, Republicans would have kept majority control of the U.S. House and had even more pickups in the Senate.

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