BTS's Japanese TV appearance cancelled after Jimin wears 'atomic bomb' shirt

Brenda Watkins
November 10, 2018

A picture of Jimin wearing a T-shirt depicting the United States atomic bombing of Japan, which killed hundreds of thousands of people, starting being shared online.

Lee Kwang Jae, the designer of the shirt, issued a statement after learning BTS had canceled their trip to Japan. Numerous Koreans who lived in Japan also passed away" and "Members work while crossing boundaries and language barriers, which is kind of their job.

The comments included, "The dropping of the atomic bombs led to the end of war, then liberation"; "It can not be swept aside simply by saying, "We wore it without knowing the meaning"; and, "I feel sad and pained that their chance to perform on the program is gone".

"We have seen news that a T-shirt worn by one of the members has set off a furore".

Now, after BTS's incident with "Music Station", these netizens are more aggravated than ever regarding IZ*ONE's ongoing, active promotions in Korea.

TV Asahi said the Billboard-topping band wouldn't be appearing on its show "Music Station" on Friday night (Nov 9) after reaching out to BTS' record label about the T-shirt, which had caused controversy on social media ahead of the band's tour of Japan beginning next week. "We apologise for disappointing fans who were looking forward to this". Jimin is reported to have worn the t-shirt on the anniversary of the end of the occupation in August, but the images went viral this week.

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The bombings led to Japan's surrender and the end of World War Two in Asia- as well as the end of Japan's colonial rule of the Korean peninsula which begin in 1910. "We will continue to make every effort to enable us to meet fans while offering good music and performances", it said.

"A-bomb T-shirt" was one of the top trending topics on Twitter this morning.

"Don't be sad, this is not your fault, the [tense relations] between both countries is beyond your control".

The cancellation comes as ties between Japan and Korea have becoming increasingly strained in recent years.

Tokyo reacted furiously in October after South Korea's top court ordered a Japanese steel giant to compensate victims of wartime forced labour programmes. With the Japanese government maintaining that all matters of compensation were settled through a treaty in 1965, political tension is high between the two countries.

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