Chrome 71 to Start Showing Warning Alerts on Unclear Billing Websites

Ruben Fields
November 10, 2018

Just like most of these warnings, webmasters who've registered their sites via the Google Search Console service can visit their dashboards and see if the mobile subscription forms on their sites trigger this warning.

It's not immediately clear in this example that the user will be charged after subscribing to the site with their phone number.

In the new version of mobile browser Google Chrome, the release is at number 71 in December, there will be a security feature that will help users not to make unwanted expenditures. "Users will be offered the choice to proceed to the page or go back if they were unaware that they were entering a billing page".

Google estimates that millions of people monthly come across pages with insufficient mobile subscription information and accidentally sign up for services and plans. Information should be visible on all types of devices. For example, a gaming website that asks users for their phone details, and the next month's phone bill arrives with subscription charges to the online gaming service that they didn't really subscribe to.

An internal Google Chrome page allows users to see all interstitial warnings or notifications that may be encountered while browsing the web with Chrome.

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Google said that the billing information must be obvious, cost and fee structures must be spelled out, and the information must be easy to read. If you too gate the random pop ups or maybe those fake warnings for system error when visiting a website, Chrome is now your best friend.

Costs displayed to customers before accepting the terms: It needs to be clear what users will be charged by subscribing.

Something else to be aware of: There's a growing ecosystem of Android and Windows browsers that are derived from Google Chrome, but there's typically a lag between a fresh version of Chrome and a fresh version of the derived app.

Sites that did not meet Chrome's new requirements will end up in the search engine showing the warning page and portraying the side as potentially malicious one before a user enters the site.

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