Disney+ streaming service greenlights Star Wars Rogue One prequel series

Brenda Watkins
November 10, 2018

Disney's streaming service, now called Disney+, has a release date (well, more like a release window), and, in quite the surprise, the House of Mouse has also announced a Star Wars: Rogue One prequel TV show. Andor was one of the best parts of Rogue One, his relationship with K-2SO obviously had a lot more to it, and Luna's performance seemed to just scratch the surface of Cassian's past. Now over a year in-the-making, Disney+ is expected to launch in late 2019 with an anticipated line-up of new and original shows and movies. Disney launched a placeholder website for Disney+ that shows off logos of brands like Pixar, National Geographic and Marvel.

A galaxy far, far away may be closer than you think and larger than you ever imagined thanks to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Jon Favreau is now hard at work on The Mandalorian, but we still don't know who will be running things with this new untitled Cassian Andor series. Lucasfilm is developing the series, which will go into production next year.

Other new shows and movies include a rebooted version of The High School Musical franchise.

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"We're going into the marketplace, we're seeing disruption, and hopefully we're reacting to it in a timely matter", Iger said, explaining that Disney is looking to "take advantage" of the volatility in the television market.

Iger also discussed Hulu, another streaming service available on Apple TV, saying it would feature more "general entertainment programming" while the more family-friendly fare would be on Disney+. So today I put together everything we know officially (and some things that have been reported to be true) about Disney's new streaming service. Instead, it sounds like we'll see five (or six) services in one, with each brand getting its own microsite within Disney+ as a whole, each with its own unique UI.

The company also is working on a live-action Marvel series for the new service about Thor's devious brother Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston. So long as the series concludes with Luna's character learning about the Death Star and freeing Jyn (or at least with the events that transpire just before this), the plot has room to move in almost any direction.

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