In Startling 180, Trump Says Pelosi 'Earned,' 'Deserves' Speakership

Clay Curtis
November 10, 2018

It is the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University, not "Civil Learning".

"There's so much to the Trump administration that could be investigated, it's an unprecedented situation of major business entanglements around the world" linked to the USA president, said Dana Allin, senior fellow with the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

Women also reached a record number in the Senate.

With votes still being counted, an estimated 113 million Americans cast ballots in the first nationwide election of the Trump presidency, according to data compiled by The Associated Press. The "blue wave" that some had feared from Election Day never fully materialized.

Trump, an expert in politically-manipulative communication, is nearly guaranteed to bash the Democratic-controlled House for every problem he faces - and with two years until the next election, this is a message that many of his supporters will be receptive to.

He demanded the midterm be an outright referendum on him and his policies and while those tactics may have helped decide a few Senate seats in what was always, at best, a long shot for Democratic control, he fell flat on his expansive ass in many House districts where House control were decided.

The Democrats gained more than the 23 seats they needed for a majority in the 435-seat lower chamber. Men, by contrast, were more evenly divided in their vote.

Democratic candidates jumped into races, motivated by opposition to the president's agenda and the Republicans' proposed changes to health care.

But both parties exceeded turnout expectations.

But the GOP added to its Senate edge and prevailed in some key races for governor Tuesday, beating back the potential of big Democratic gains across the board.

For one, this is a midterm election, which heavily favors the older, whiter Republican electorate, as seen in the 2010 and 2014 results.

And there were some firsts in this midterm election.

The trend was similar in battleground Florida, where voting increased 33 percent over 2014. The party picked up seats across the map but some of the campaign's biggest Democratic stars lost. The only Republicans up for reelection in states Hillary Clinton won in 2016 are Sens. The losses in governors races in OH and Florida were particularly concerning to Democrats given those states' significance in presidential elections.

Sen. Rubio: Dems trying to steal Florida elections
Here's what will happen with those "under votes": All counties must submit their unofficial results to the state on Saturday. If a hand recount is triggered, it would have to be completed by November 18 and results finalized by November 20.

The president was entitled to a partial victory lap.

Trump was expected to address the results at a postelection news conference scheduled for midday Wednesday.

The Democrats have won the majority in the House of Representatives while the Republicans have held on to the majority in the Senate in the USA midterm elections. While the election served in some ways to consolidate Republican sentiment under the Trump banner, Democrats, with their new House majority, face some major internal disagreements, if not struggles.

Exit polls showed that Gillum won more than six in 10 voters under the age of 45, but those accounted for just 25 percent of the electorate.

Tufts found evidence that young voters played a significant role in defeating Nevada Sen.

Trump, as he did throughout the campaign, also blamed the media for sowing division in the country and insisted they were to blame for the scene unfolding in the East Room.

Some Democrats said during their campaigns they would not back Pelosi, but it's not clear yet if there are any Democrats willing to challenge her for the post.

"I think I would be able to very easily supply her the votes", Mr. Trump said, strengthening his offer to rally Republican support to her bid for speakership.

Trump's scorched-earth campaigning came to define the 2018 campaign.

China would not talk publicly about the US election results. Iowa also posted its highest-ever midterm turnout, with 1.3 million voters casting ballots, almost matching its 1.5 million turnout in 2016.

"It is critical that we bring accountability to the Trump administration and the regulatory agencies under the committee's jurisdiction", she said in a statement.

The European Union's stated objective for negotiating a trade deal with the US was also an important consideration, Neal added, as was the potential for a bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom after it leaves the European Union at the end of the process known as Brexit.

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