Ireland investigating major UFO sightings by pilots off Co Kerry coast

Daniel Fowler
November 13, 2018

In March, two airline pilots claimed to see UFOs fly over their planes in Arizona's airspace.

Other pilots also spotted lights, the Irish Examiner reported - and air authorities are to investigate the incident.

The Irish Aviation Authority began an investigation into the sighting of the unidentified flying object, which was spotted by a number of aircraft off the south-west coast of Ireland last Friday. "It was moving so fast".

According to The Irish Examiner, the first unusual sighting was reported last Friday morning at 6:47 am on November 9th.

She said that she did not believe it to be on a collision course but was "wondering" what it could be.

After a short exchange, the pilot stressed that they had witnessed "a bright light" before it disappeared at an "astronomical" speed into thin air, and, importantly, he appeared to be not the only one.

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A British Airways pilot contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control saying they saw a bright light alongside the aircraft before speeding away.

He described it as a "meteor or another object making some kind of re-entry" and said it was "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory - very bright from where we were".

Pilots who reported seeing a UFO over Ireland "most likely" saw a shooting star, an expert has said - however, investigations are underway.

A Norwegian Air 737 flight, travelling from NY to Shannon was also party to the odd encounter, describing the speed of the UFO as "astronomical, it was like Mach 2".

These comments come months after several similarly odd sightings across Ireland purporting to be evidence of UFOs.

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