Trump goes on rant attacking journalists April Ryan and Jim Acosta

Clay Curtis
November 13, 2018

Acosta, who was promoted to CNN's chief White House correspondent in January, was forced to turn over his Secret Service "hard pass", which speeds up entry and exit from the White House, after Wednesday's presidential press conference.

With other reporters waiting to ask questions, Acosta refused to give up the microphone and even appeared to made contact with a female White House intern's arm when she attempted to take it from him.

Earlier in the week, the White House seized Acosta's White House press credential, while Trump suggested on Friday that more reporters could lose theirs.

Video expert Abba Shapiro that he believes the White House circulated a doctored video of an interaction between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and a White House intern.

Trump's combative relationship with the media in general, and CNN in particular, has been a fixture of his time in federal politics, fuelling support from a grassroots, blue-collar base that cheers his descriptions of unfriendly reporters as "enemies of the people" and their work as "fake news".

"I think it's a really strong lawsuit", Floyd Abrams, a noted First Amendment lawyer, told CNN on Sunday. You see Jim Acosta standing his ground and wanting to hold onto it. She gets publicity and then she gets a pay raise or a contract with, I think, CNN.

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Acosta was holding the microphone, trying to ask a follow-up question, while the president was calling on a different reporter.

The press conference started to devolve, however, when Acosta challenged President Trump on characterizing the migrant caravan as invaders. Nor did it say whether the urging by Diamond and Silk played a role in the decision to punish Acosta.

That wasn't mentioned by Sanders in a statement Tuesday. "Other reporters would end up hesitating before asking sharp questions, the White House would be able to use the threat of similar revocations for critical coverage and media coverage of the White House would be distorted because of fear of official retaliation". "The president of the United States should not be in the business of arbitrarily picking the men and women who cover him", Knox said.

Journalists have been widely supportive of Acosta since Trump pushed him out last week.

When the White House accused one of your peers of "placing his hands" on a White House intern, how did you react? .

Host Brian Stelter replied, "Not that I know of". Richard Nixon came close after Washington Post revelations about the Watergate scandal, banning the newspaper from all events except for press briefings.

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