Free app boosts iPhone internet speed and privacy

Ruben Fields
November 14, 2018

Similar to its Web version that debuted earlier this year, Cloudflare's new app is created to secure all your DNS queries from ISPs as well as webmasters. CloudFlare's DNS resolver claims to be different from your ISP's or other DNS alternatives like Google Public DNS and Cisco OpenDNS. While mobile users were able to use the native website, the Cloudflare team has now brought a standalone app for Android and iOS devices to deliver native support.

To snag the Cloudflare app for your mobile device, download it from the App Store or from Google Play. Tap it to activate and use its DNS resolver to keep your browsing private.

The Cloudflare app is user-friendly and mobile users can easily toggle the on/off button to operate the DNS service. For people concerned about privacy, Cloudflare promises that it won't sell your data or use it to send you targeted ads. Worse, ISPs are often also their own DNS resolvers, which practically means they can, if they wanted or needed to, take a peek at what address you're trying to access. It's goal is to make your internet connection faster and more private, for free. With the new app version, you will notice Cloudflare has been optimized to run on mobile. The program allows you to bypass the blocking and slightly speed up the Internet using a custom DNS server.

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On April 1st this year, Internet giant Cloudflare made a serious announcement. The service works really fast, the pages load very quickly, especially if we're talking about those parts of the world in which the internet is a bit slower.

Ultimately, it's a service worth using. However, you can not exclusively rely upon as your main DNS service and other steps would be needed to hide traffic from ISPs like an encrypted VPN.

The problem with most DNS revolvers, Cloudflare argues, is that they are usually slow.

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