Victoria Beckham gets a haircut in her auto

Brenda Watkins
November 14, 2018

Asked how they felt about Beckham earning a lot of money from tour royalties without performing, Mel C said: "That's debatable...but we're very proud of Victoria, she works incredibly hard and has achieved so much, and she'll always be a Spice Girl".

"Just when things are going sooo [sic] well, my auto gets deliberately slashed, what unsafe sick person would do that to a mother who uses her vehicle to drive her kids to school and back" Mel said. "I am very, very excited for them".

'I always told myself, 'Dream big, and then dream even bigger.' And I wanted to prove that, if I can do it, then anyone can do it.

Pilots says Boeing didn't disclose jet's new control feature
Incorrect data readings can trigger the MCAS system to force the plane into a nose-dive, even if the plane is not on autopilot. The oversight may have sealed the fate of a Max aircraft that crashed in Indonesia in October.

Mel B added: "My daughter said to me, "Mum, you are so cool now, because you are vintage".

They went full PC and revealed that it's no longer "Girl Power" but "People Power" but then angered their legion of Gay fans - by backing the PM who is seen as "Anti-Gay" among some LGBT activists. "They told me at the table, they said, 'You come all the way from London, you gotta get up there and give 'em what they want, what they really, really want". That is all I'm saying'. Support a woman, doing the best she can and that's it. "So, for all the women out there who have ever been doubted or doubted themselves, this award tonight is for all of us".

Only four of the OG Spice Girls are hitting the stage for their upcoming United Kingdom tour, and Victoria Beckham has been keeping it classy with her comments about why she's not joining her former bandmates. "It is about equality for all, 'every boy and every girl.' We recently found out that charities focused on issues faced by women don't get the funding that they desperately need, so launching a campaign to raise funds for these issues is incredibly important to us and an area we want to support".

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