Senate leaders preserve posts; McCarthy will get high Home GOP place

Daniel Fowler
November 16, 2018

Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the current No. 3 House Republican, was elected to the No. 2 Republican leadership position in the new Congress, where he will serve as minority whip. The next minority leader will have to decide whether and when the GOP minority might work to find common ground with Democrats and could also come under increased scrutiny from the President as the administration itself goes under a microscope in the new Democratic-controlled House. John Barrasso became conference chairman and Missouri Sen.

Scott holds the narrowest of leads over Democratic Sen.

The Democrats seeking to stop Pelosi's rise claim they have the votes to block her. Rep. Kurt Schrader of OR has said Pelosi "doesn't have the votes" to become speaker again, in part because of the newly elected members who have promised to oppose her. "Porter's campaign ― focused on unifying Californians and checking President Trump ― was pitch flawless for riding this national wave all the way from a Republican district in California to the seat of power in Washington". Yet there he was at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's left shoulder when the Kentucky Republican welcomed GOP senators who will take their seats in January when the new Congress is sworn in.

McCarthy made his pitch for the job to House Republicans in a recent letter, saying he's is in the best position to lead the party against a Democratic majority, NPR reported. Joni Ernst, as they sought to address the optics of the GOP side of the aisle being dominated by men. Charles Grassley was nominated Wednesday to a high-ranking position that would put him third in line for the presidency.

Porter was considered by many observers - including Democrats - too left-wing for the district, and seemed to have flip-flopped on the issue of the gas tax, which had been important to California voters.

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US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer speaks during a meeting at the White House in Washington April 12, 2018. She said "many jobs will be lost in the U.S". "We can't tolerate abuses of that sort", he said.

The Californian represented defeated Rep. Jim Jordan of OH 159-43.

A separate source confirmed to CNN that Jordan is interested in the ranking member position on the Judiciary Committee in order to check Democratic investigations that will be led by Rep.

But the friendly talk papers over the infighting between the GOP's conservative and moderate flanks as lawmakers dole out blame after the midterm election losses that handed House Democrats the majority.

Also on Wednesday, Iowa's junior U.S. Sen.

While his 2015 run to replace Boehner was derailed by opposition from conservatives, McCarthy benefited Wednesday from the fact that he only needed a simple majority of House Republicans' support, and not 218 votes on the House floor. Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California is trying to win the speaker's post and stifle a rebellion among liberals and younger lawmakers fed up with the calcified leadership.

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