Fallout 76 Update Plans for the Balance of 2018 Revealed

Ruben Fields
November 19, 2018

Most of the update consists of much-needed performance improvements.

Fallout 76 is offline as Bethesda applies a massive new patch to the game. So while the update doesn't increase the game's actual install size all that much because it replaces a lot of old files, you may need to make some room to download it. No timeframe was provided regarding when the Fallout 76 servers will be online again, but the tweet below said nobody would be able to log in or play while maintenance is being conducted. PC players get it a little easier with a 15GB update.

However, the Fallout 76 Guide is a particularly impressive example.

The scheduled maintenance that's being done on Fallout 76 and its servers should be taking place because of Bethesda's planned patch for Monday that the developer confirmed was coming days ago.

The Bureau of Tourism quest has finally been fixed, as has an issue with enemies being aggro'd for far further than their expected range. Hitching issues have also been addressed, Bethesda says, along with some unstable menus on Xbox One.

Ambient Occlusion: Placed items no longer leave behind shadow outlines after being picked up.

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Loot: Ghoul and Scorched Officers now correctly drop nuke code pieces upon being killed by a player.

Repair: Fixed an issue that could cause an item to return to a broken state after being repaired.

Problem was, when players went to go and fix it, they simply couldn't... and could also walk through it. Bethesda has now resolved the issue so that the quest can be completed and players can pick up their rewards and earn all that sweet experience.

Plans: Paints applied to Power Armor during the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. will now appear correctly on the items that were painted, and those paints can now correctly be applied to additional sets of Power Armor.

Seek Revenge: Cap rewards will now display correctly when choosing the "Seek Revenge" respawn option after being killed by another player.

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