Huawei CFO facing U.S. extradition appears in Canadian court

Clay Curtis
December 8, 2018

A Chinese telecommunications executive is being accused of fraud by the USA government, which wants Meng Wanzhou extradited from Canada to face the charge.

Meng is accused of fraud.

The prosecutor said Meng had personally denied to United States bankers any direct connections between Huawei and SkyCom, when in fact "SkyCom is Huawei". SkyCom's alleged sanctions breaches occurred from 2009 to 2014.

The lawyer suggested that Meng has shown a pattern of avoiding the U.S. since becoming aware of the investigation into the matter, has access to vast wealth and connections, and therefore could flee Canada.

Meng, the chief financial officer of Huawei, was arrested Saturday while in transit at Vancouver's airport.

Meng arrived in the packed Supreme Court of British Columbia as dozens of photographers jostled outside the building.

The Attorney General opposed Meng's release on bail.

The prosecutor said at the bail hearing for Meng Wanzhou that she has vast resources and would be motivated to flee Canada and return home to China.

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It's a case that could have potentially major implications for our country's relationship with China, and we're now finding out why the CFO of Huawei is wanted by the United States.

Freeland reiterated what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday: that Meng's arrest was part of an independent legal process that is separate from politics.

"I have not spoken directly to Chinese officials but John McCallum, our ambassador to China - our very senior ambassador to China - has spoken with Chinese officials", Freeland said Friday in a teleconference from meetings in Berlin. The Vancouver Sun reported on Friday that Meng's husband Xiaozong Liu is believed to own at least one luxury home in the city.

This longstanding treaty requires that the offence for which extradition is being sought is also a crime in Canada.

A lawyer representing Meng argued that she would not breach a court order and leave Canada because doing so would humiliate her father, Huawei and "China itself".

Since then, Huawei has grown into the world's biggest supplier of network gear for phone and internet companies.

The company faces being shut out of Australia, New Zealand and United States 5G rollouts, and British telecom group BT revealed on Wednesday it was removing Huawei equipment from its core cellular network.

"Huawei is SkyCom. This is the alleged fraud", Canadian prosecutor John Gibb-Carsley said.

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