Winter Solstice: Google doodle celebrates shortest day of the year

Katie Ramirez
December 22, 2018

Crowds of people arrive early in the morning and then make their way to the field and across the sprawling green hills in the direction of the Stonehenge monument.

WhatsApp Message Reads: As the Sun's Rays Warm the Winter Landscape in Anticipation of the Coming Spring, I Send Blessings to You for a Beautiful Winter Solstice.

Donning their swimwear, the courageous group were seen jumping around in the chilly water with some retaining their woolly hats for the adventurous gathering.

The solstice, which marks the start of winter, is actually a single moment in the Earth's orbit when the northern hemisphere is most inclined away from the sun.

Today marks 182 days until summer! For Jews, the winter solstice is called "Tekufat Tevet".

Although Friday, December 21 is typically recognised as the winter solstice, but the exact date can vary with the English Heritage preferring to host its celebrations according to the shortest day of the year meteorologically.

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Around the world people observe winter solstice in a different way.

Spread Warmth This Winter Solstice 2018! Rather, northern midlatitudes will experience the winter chill partly, because they'll get about 9 hours of daylight in the weeks following the solstice, compared with the roughly 15 hours of daily sunlight they get around the summer solstice, Live Science reported in 2012. That's when the northern hemisphere is at its maximum tilt away from the sun.

It is traditionally considered to fall on December 21, but the meteorologically accurate shortest day of the year can vary by a few days either side.

The annual occurrence, which occurs on December 21, signals the transition from fall to winter and the incremental increase of daylight in coming months in the Northern Hemisphere. The specific day and time of the solstice can differ from that day since it doesn't line up with the normal calendar, according to CNN.

The two events don't perfectly line up at the same time, though.

Google Doodle Friday celebrated the first day of winter and the longest night of the year for the Northern Hemisphere-an astronomical phenomenon also known as the Winter Solstice or midwinter.

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