5,000yo Irish tomb’s winter solstice magic to be livestreamed

Katie Ramirez
December 23, 2018

Have you ever been so lucky to be there during the winter solstice? The Northern Hemisphere receives its least direct sunlight on the winter solstice, but in many places the coldest average temperatures of winter aren't until January.

Previously, the mouse did some spring cleaning all the way back in March for the spring Equinox, enjoyed the sunlight on a summer day during the June 21 summer solstice and prepared for the arrival of fall on September 22. Though we may have a little mental relief knowing that as the Winter Solstice arrives marking the shortest day of the year & also the longest night, days will be getting longer but America needs to get out of this darkness & become more humanitarian. The Talmud calls the winter solstice "Tekufat Tevet".

In the pagan tradition, the Goddess gives birth to a son, the God, at Yule, which is around December 21.

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Here's the Google Doodle honoring the summer solstice, for folks Down Under.

In Virginia, that means we will have approximately nine hours and 26 minutes of daylight. "After this point in time, periods of daylight will once again begin to grow longer". Persians refer to the occasion as Yaldā Night, and it's a time for families to gather over pomegranates and watermelons that symbolize an active, joyous winter. Then 12 kachina clowns dance with the Shalako, seen as messengers from the gods, who are 12 foot-high effigies with bird heads. The most well known is the celebration at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. The prehistoric site is believed to have been constructed between 3000 BCE and 2000 BCE, but no one has been able to solve the mystery of how those enormous stones got there.

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