Kellyanne Conway is dodging questions about Trump’s ‘Game of Thrones’ poster

Brenda Watkins
January 4, 2019

If the Trump universe could get any more freakish, it did so on Wednesday when the president showed off a movie poster of himself on his desk, inspired by "Game of Thrones".

Trump took to Twitter to post a picture of his glaring face above a mock drawing of his proposed steel slat wall.

On Nov. 2, Trump debuted the Game of Thrones-style poster on his Twitter account.

Previously, HBO told Trump to knock it off after his first play on GoT's marketing tagline surfaced in November to announce sanctions against Iran.

This came one day after the president brought a similar poster version of a "Sanctions are coming" meme he posted two months ago into a Cabinet meeting. He was also mocked by fans of the show, who pointed out that the phrase "winter is coming" is used in the series to warn of something bad on the horizon. Should an army of White Walkers ever threaten Westeros, as they did in the Age of Heroes several thousands of years before the events depicted on the show, a wall would serve as the first line of defense-especially when manned by an army of guardians from noble houses known as the Night's Watch.

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Reporters asked presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway why President Trump was sitting so close to the Game of Thrones poster. Trump's knock-off Game of Thrones poster stole the spotlight, and the internet wasn't pleased about it, Design Taxi reported. Donald Trump, however, had earlier vowed to veto any bill that would not include the funding he requested, and the Republicans continue to control the US Senate.

Money for the barrier along the USA southern border has been a source of disagreement amid the ongoing partial government shutdown, which began on December 22.

"Without a very strong form of barrier - call it what you will - but without a wall, you can't have border security".

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