Elizabeth Warren in Iowa: 'I am not a person of color'

Clay Curtis
January 6, 2019

After announcing she was considering running for president earlier this week, Elizabeth Warren headed to the fridge for a drink.

There will likely be plenty of other opportunities for Iowans to see Sen.

In an interview with Fox News after she announced her presidential exploratory committee earlier this week, Trump skewered Warren over the test and said he would "love to run against her". She has not campaigned there in years, and while her economic message may resonate with voters, she may find some discomfort with her willingness to tangle so openly with the president and other Republicans. "We've got to go big on this".

"Today a minimum wage job in America full-time will not keep a momma and a baby out of poverty and that is wrong and that is why I'm in this fight", Senator Warren said. But she did so with a twist - 1.1 million people got the chance to follow along. "Those are the issues that I'm gonna talk about".

Angela Nelson, 50, a special education teacher from Omaha, Nebraska, said she was concerned to see questions raised about Warren's likeability amid comparisons to Hillary Clinton, the unsuccessful 2016 Democratic nominee.

Trump frequently belittles Warren's claims by calling her "Pocahantas", but she faced criticism from fellow Democrats and Native Americans for taking the test. And so she did this DNA test that really sort of backfired on her.

Last week, Warren announced she was launching an exploratory committee, the first step in seeking a party's nomination for president.

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She said, as she has many times before, that impeachment is "divisive" and she wants the new Democratic majority to be unified. She pushed back on the thrust of the remark while defending Tlaib, saying it's "nothing worse than the president has said".

"It's important for everybody this year". When her microphone cut out at the opening event in Council Bluffs, Warren didn't yell because, even in a room of 300 (with 200 more outside) she didn't have to. She is scheduled to cap the weekend with a "conversation with women leaders" in Ankeny, a suburb of Des Moines, on Sunday.

Warren fundraised this week off a Politico story that was panned by progressives for wondering if she could overcome being "written off as too unlikable". "I think people will find her interesting".

Warren has also recruited Richard McDaniel, the former field and political director for Alabama Democratic Sen.

"Iowa was devastated in the farm crisis in the 1980s when I grew up there and they understand what it's like to be left behind, to have the economy shift and have the ground fall out underneath you, and Warren understands that", said Katie Porter, a newly elected California congresswoman, in an interview outside a swearing-in day reception for Warren at the Capitol. But that was before Senator Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, almost won the Iowa caucus with his populist message, and, this time around, the state's progressives already seem to be dividing their loyalties. "To be able to work hard, play by the same set of rules and take care of the people we love".

"And so my decision was, we're just going to put it all out there", she said.

Warren has repeatedly declined to go in-depth on Trump's rhetoric and has not frequently mentioned him by name while traversing Iowa, instead focusing on her key talking points like the economic issues for working- and middle-class Americans, including student loan debt, strengthening unions, consumer protections and getting corporate money out of politics.

Warren's willingness to take on Trump in Twitter tangles and pointed public speeches could give some voters additional pause. "But I still don't know enough about Sen. I'm going to stay focused on that all the way through".

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