100 million devices sold with its Alexa smart assistant built

Ruben Fields
January 7, 2019

Samsung's competitors Sony and LG already offer support for both voice assistants on their select panels, but that combined with Apple's iTunes content does make Samsung's offering unique.

However, he has no illusions that the voice assistant market is one that is going to become more and more competitive over coming years.

So while Google and Apple have their assistants running on possibly billions of devices, Amazon is quickly picking up the pace with different hardware products using Alexa's capabilities.

Amazon has revealed a new figure for its Alexa voice-assistant: the company says that more than 100m devices with Alexa pre-installed have been sold.

"Samsung unveils a more reasonable ‘The Wall’ 75" MicroLED TV
When you add more display modules, the display will scale and increase the resolution but keep the pixel density constant. This provides for an impressive, infinity pool effect which enables the display to blend into any living environment.

By saying, "Hey Alexa" or "OK Google", you'll be able to turn your TV on or off, change channels, and even swap input selections.

But it takes more than a splashy ad campaign to dominate an industry. walk the CES show floor this year, and chances are you'll see almost as many Alexa-compatible appliances as you will Google Assistant. The executive wants to get as many devices to use Alexa as possible, and he wants those devices to do as much as possible.

And, as easy as it is to get caught up in the horse race between the two companies, vanity metrics aren't necessarily as important as companies would have you believe, says Carolina Milanesi, a consumer tech analyst at Creative Strategies. "I don't think it falls into a sporting event, when there's only going to be one victor", he said. While this number barely compares to how many smartphones with their own AI assistants have been sold, as The Verge points out there's an important distinction when people are buying a device specifically for Alexa as opposed to getting an iPhone that just happens to come with Siri. Google claims that "active users of the Google Assistant grew 4 times over the past year" and that its distribution jumped from 14 countries in eight languages in 2017 to 80 countries in 30 languages in 2018, but it doesn't give an exact number of active users.

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