Major League Baseball pocket book: White Sox bid huge for Machado

Tanya Simon
January 9, 2019

Jay could help the Sox offensively for 2019 while prospects such as Luis Robert and Luis Alexander Basabe get more time to develop in the minors. Stay tuned Sox fans. His experience could help a mostly young Sox team that could possibly contend in 2019.

(From left) Yonder Alonso, Jon Jay and Manny Machado. In the post, each of the three players described the importance of the group's close bond, upbringing, culture, and hometown, Miami. I don't know exactly how that's going to work, but somehow the Marlins are getting a $200 million payment from the taxpayers outta the deal.

Ultimately, having a couple guys in place who are very close to Machado certainly won't hurt his decision-making process, and even if the White Sox do have those connections in their mind when making these days, their exposure if he doesn't ultimately choose them is very low.

Will this actually lure Machado to Chicago?

Actually, it's the $13 million question, as that's how much salary the White Sox have taken on to acquire Jay and Alonso.

In the end, dollars, years and other factors will likely be the most important things determining where Machado signs a long-term deal, but the Sox are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit.

For now, all the South Siders can do is play the waiting game as they are the only team that currently has an offer on the table.

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This bring-your-friends-along idea seems very familiar in other sports - particularly the National Basketball Association - where we often hear about players who are friends recruiting each other or building a "Big Three" like we saw when Dwyane Wade brought LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat. Jay and Alonso aren't.

The more skeptical among us might even note that both Alonso and Jay have been on the open market in the past few years and they didn't immediately run to Baltimore to play with Machado when he was with the Orioles.

We all see what you're doing here, White Sox.

Well, and make Twitter jokes.

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