Man caught on video licking house's intercom system for hours

Clay Curtis
January 9, 2019

What happened in California over the weekend is a combination of all three. multiplied by 100.

A man who spent three hours licking a doorbell as a family slept inside is being hunted by police.

That's 180 minutes of straight licking.

The weird display of doorbell-lovin' was caught on surveillance camera while Sylvia and Dave Dungan were out of town, but their children were inside the home at the time. Police say he eventually took off with an extension cord, but that was later found by the Dungan's neighbors the next morning.

Roberto Daniel Arroyo was caught on CCTV licking a doorbell for three hours. Pic
Image The 33-year-old changed angles several times as he licked the doorbell. Pic

According to the KION report Salinas police identified the suspect at 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo. "I started reviewing the videos, (and said to myself) 'Well, who the heck is this?'" The man is seen licking the family's doorbell and appearing to relieve himself, KION reported.

A family in Salinas called police after their security system caught the man going to town on their doorbell.

Police were able to identify the suspect from the surveillance footage because he has a history of misdemeanor offenses including public intoxication, resisting arrest, and being under the influence of narcotics, Cabrera said.

'You kind of laugh about it afterwards because technically he didn't do anything, ' Dungan said. Sylvia Dungan said an alert to her phone told her about movement outside her home.

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