New Overwatch Update Kicks Off Event All About Ana

Ruben Fields
January 9, 2019

Jack Morrison is gay and was formerly in a relationship with a man named Vincent, according to a short story written by Overwatch creator Michael Chu. Fans are going wild. Or if you just want to skip to the part where it turns out Overwatch's living, breathing grizzled warrior archetype also turns out to be a proud member of the near future LGBTQ community, I'll copy it below. Characters' backstories are thus revealed through additional material, such as short films, comics and short stories. However, anti-gay laws or not, Soldier: 76 is gay, and there's nothing Putin can do about it. In the holiday special, there's a small panel where Jack and Ana are sitting together, possibly during their stakeout, where Jack is looking at the same picture of him and Vincent shown in "Bastet". Instead, Jack is left to unconvincingly insist he's happy Vincent moved on and got married to someone else, and that he isn't still pining at all.

Writer Michael Chu confirmed on Twitter that, while the relationship happened a long time ago, both Jack and Vincent identify as gay. "There are definitely LGBT heroes [in Overwatch] - that's multiple heroes", (via Mic). But here's some positive reaction to the reveal, which follows the Overwatch holiday comic of 2016's confirmation that the game's cover star, Tracer, is a lesbian. It's revealed that the other man, Vincent, was once a love interest for Soldier 76, but they ultimately broke up. This was possibly the same photograph as in the new short story, though nobody understood its significance at the time.

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Overwatch has certainly been at the vanguard of character diversity, in terms of gender and sexuality, but despite all the complex backstories for the characters and their world none of it is really mentioned in the actual game, which has nearly no story content. "Bastet" follows them over the next few weeks as Soldier: 76 tries to recruit Ana to rejoin Overwatch, while Ana tries to convince him to end the corruption in Cairo with her first. We can still dream.

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