Women Develops Rare Condition That Leaves Her Unable To Hear Men

Grant Boone
January 11, 2019

But when she woke up she panicked when she realised she was unable to hear her boyfriend talking to her.

The Daily Mail reports that one night, Chen went to bed after feeling nauseated and experiencing ringing in her ears.

In a freaky situation, a Chinese woman has been diagnosed with a type of hearing loss in which she is unable to hear the voices of men and can only higher frequency tones of other females.

She rushed to a hospital in the city of Xiamen, on the east coast of China, and saw ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr Lin Xiaoqing.

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At the hospital, it quickly became clear that she was able to hear the female physicians, but not the male ones, which led to a diagnosis of low-frequency hearing loss - technically known as "reverse-slope hearing loss".

In Chen's case, her doctor said that stress from working late and losing sleep caused Chen's low-frequency hearing decline, adding that rest would soon fully restore the woman's hearing, Newsweek reported.

"Sensorineural hearing loss" can result in a low frequency hearing loss - a type caused by inner ear hair cells getting damaged. "Doctors will call it hearing loss, I call it evolution", wrote one person on Twitter. In this condition, the plot of the audiogram runs from the upper-left-hand corner of the graph and travels downwards like a ski-slope.

Only around 3,000 people in north America are affected by the rare condition. RSHL is the opposite, hence its name, reverse-slope hearing loss. This condition renders patients unable to hear higher-pitched voices, like those of women and children. Less often, a shift in the pressure of ear fluid can trigger reverse-sloping hearing loss. A range of factors can cause hearing loss, including hereditary diseases, infections, certain drugs, aging, and exposure to loud noises. Instead of waking up with a newfound ability to hear women's thoughts, à la Mel Gibson (or Taraji P. Henson for 2019's gender-switch take on the film), you wake up having lost the ability to hear men, full stop.

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