Trump Says He Appreciates Mueller Knocking Down BuzzFeed Story

Clay Curtis
January 21, 2019

Trump also supported a Cohen plan to visit Russian Federation during the presidential campaign to meet President Vladimir Putin to jump-start the Moscow tower negotiations according to BuzzFeed, which cites two unnamed federal law enforcement officials as sources.

Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, says Trump "must resign or be impeached" if it's true while committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff calls the claim one of the most serious allegations against the president to date.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office on Friday issued an extraordinary statement disputing a bombshell news report that claimed President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of discussions over a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

But Leopold & Cormier are holding on, even trying to pry more information out of the typically-taciturn Mueller with a tweet "urg [ing] the Special Counsel to make clear what he's disputing". Federal law enforcement officials have formed a conspiracy to go after him, Trump says, and embarrass him when they can.

It was the first time Mueller has commented about a news article concerning his probe of Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

The report also claimed Cohen then acknowledged President Trump's instructions when he was interviewed by the Mueller team. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders called the allegation "absolutely ridiculous".

Though Republicans stayed mostly silent on the report, two Democratic committee chairmen in the House said they will open inquiries.

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KEITH: And not just lie but lie to Congress. "Her role was limited to reminding Mr. Cohen that, should an actual deal come to fruition (which it did not) the project, like any other with the Trump name, must conform with the highest design and architectural standards and to recommending prospective architects to consider".

"The President hit back on Friday local time, quoting a Fox News story: "'Don't forget, Michael Cohen has already been convicted of perjury and fraud, and as recently as this week, the Wall Street Journal has suggested that he may have stolen tens of thousands of dollars ...'" he tweeted.

He said there was "quite a bit of documentary evidence of this, whether those are emails, internal correspondence and witness interviews that they gathered before they spoke with Mr. Cohen at the special counsel".

Trump later acknowledged the negotiations and said there had been nothing untoward about them, but the revelation did undercut Trump's earlier denials that he had nothing to do with Russian Federation at the time of the presidential campaign. He said that the committee would "get to the bottom of this and follow the evidence wherever it may lead".

President Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted Thursday that he paid a man in 2015 to rig online opinion polls to favor Trump as he began running for the presidency.

He also will face questions about it in testimony before the House Oversight Committee on February 7.

Other outlets did not confirm the story on their own, and Ronan Farrow wrote, "I can't speak to BuzzFeed's sourcing, but for what's it's worth, I declined to run with parts of the narrative they conveyed based on a source central to the story repeatedly disputing the idea that Trump directly issued orders of that kind". Mueller, despite the high-profile position he accepted in the spring of 2017 and the political stakes of his investigation into whether any Americans collaborated with Russia's attack on the 2016 presidential election, is famously silent.

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