SNL Parodies Tucker Carlson, Features Steve Martin as Roger Stone

Brenda Watkins
January 27, 2019

Steve Martin has a talent for over-the-top character acting, and the comedian went all out channeling former Trump advisor and self-described "dirty trickster" Roger Stone on this week's Saturday Night Live cold open.

The sketch also featured Alex Moffat as Carlson, Cecily Strong as Jeanine Pirro and Kate McKinnon as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

"Oh, no. That wasn't a question".

"I'm just a normal and straight-forward guy", Martin's Stone said, making the hand gestures of his famed Wild and Crazy Guy, Georg Festrunk.

"Here with his side of the story is a man you look at and instantly think, I trust this guy".

Moffat's Carlson heavy handily reminds him that he's old and pitiful and Martin quickly says oh yeah, "The pity thing..." At 66, he roared, "I'm nearly as old as Sting!"

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When asked if being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and indicted on seven criminal charges has taken a toll on his overall wellbeing, Stone laughed off such nonsense. I'm a poor, helpless old man.

Carlson said he'd been indicted on seven counts, to which Stone replied, "It was four counts". "I mean, seven felonies, one, two - I can't even count that high, how cool is that?" It was "so harrowing and afterwards I could only manage one radio interview and a speech from the steps of the courthouse and two appearances on television", he goofed.

The whole sketch ended with Stone sending Donald Trump a message: "Pardon me".

He explained his attempt at crowdfunding as a response to what he hears on the street - "Hey, Roger, go fund yourself!" - and responded to Carlson's thanks with, "Pardon me?"

"Or for a period of time, you could have your horses attend public school", McKinnon's Ross advised.

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