Future Samsung smartphones may go camera-less, here's how

Ruben Fields
February 9, 2019

The patent suggests that Samsung is planning to make a change to its S Pen and describes a method of including a camera into the S Pen that will feature one lens and an image sensor on it. Samsung's last S-Pen used a supercapacitor to quickly charge the device via the stylus slot. This camera which is going to be embedded into the styles could be operated by an external button while another button which is placed on the lower side of the Stylus will be allowing its users to zoom in and out.

As with all patents, there's no guarantee a camera-loaded S-Pen will ever become a reality.

There are quite a few reasons as to why an S Pen with a camera is probably not happening.

The patent was originally filed by Samsung back in 2017 but it was recently published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. That said, the patent does state that the camera would utilize digital rather than optical zoom to keep it thin and squeeze inside the S Pen.

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It is a general consensus that the Samsung S Pen for Galaxy Note series which is also supported by selected Samsung tablets and notebooks is among the best stylus in the business.

This would result in a more expansive screen and remove the need for a display notch. Like in case with all other patents, it's not like we would see the new functionality on the Galaxy Note 9 successor. Still an S Pen with a camera and zoom will definitely be interesting.

Another possibility is that the stylus camera could be used for productivity tasks, such as optical text recognition.

How much can you squeeze inside a thin stick like the Galaxy Note 9's S Pen? For instance, users can hold down the button on the S Pen to open the camera app, tap the button once to take a photo or double tap to switch between the front or rear camera. I'm not sure about you but using a stylus to take a picture doesn't seem to be practical as it would be hard to frame your shot.

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