Google Releases Password Checkup Chrome Extension

Ruben Fields
February 9, 2019

Password Checkup is an extension to the Chrome browser. The new tools are created to raise awareness of account issues. It securely checks credentials used to log in to websites-whether they're manually entered or stored in Chrome's password manager-against hashed credentials stored in an encrypted database of billions of compromised accounts maintained by Google.

If the password is involved in a breach that Google is aware of, the extension issues a warning to let you know that resetting the password is recommended, thus making sure that hackers wouldn't get access to your data.

For those anxious about their credentials ending up in Google's hands or the hands of hackers who might compromise or abuse the extension, the company offers reassurance.

Starting today, Google has launched a new chrome extension called Password Checkup.

The other tool, aimed at developers, is Cross Account Protection, this addresses vulnerabilities in third-party sites and apps that you may have signed into using your Google credentials.

Password Checkup is now available in the Chrome Web Store as an extension for Chrome, while more information on how to use it or toggle it on or off is available on the "Protect accounts that have unsafe passwords" Google support page. The firm is working alongside the likes of Adobe and various internet standards communities to make Cross Account Protection easy to implement.

"Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance", says Kurt Thomas, security and anti-abuse research scientist at Google.

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To celebrate the Safer Internet Day, Google has introduced two updates to protect user data.

Now, Google is neither the first nor the only company to provide this option to its users. Watchtower by 1Password offers to do a similar task by comparing usernames and passwords with the database available with HaveIBeenPwned.

"We only generate an alert when both your current username and password appear in a breach, as that poses the greatest risk".

The new plugin for Chrome was designed in collaboration with cryptography experts from Stanford University, although the extension is now available only for users of Google's browser.

With all the data breaches affecting Facebook, Google+ and other popular websites a year ago, no one should assume their passwords and private data are safe.

"We only share information with apps where you have logged in with Google". "We do report anonymous information about the number of lookups that surface an unsafe credential", the description of the plugin states.

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