Man shot by officer in critical condition — U.S. border agency

Clay Curtis
February 10, 2019

He said he was shocked to see coils of concertina wire being hung from top to bottom on the Arizona side of the border in nearby Nogales, adding it makes no sense from a security standpoint. City officials have deemed the installation "irresponsible" and "inhuman", The Independent reported.

The Nogales City Council condemned the wire and demanded that it be removed over safety concerns for children and pets.

The resolution-which says such a wall "is only found in a war, prison or battle setting" and has no place in the city-says that if the government does not remove the wire, it will file a lawsuit to have it taken down. This wire is at ground level.

The most interesting aspect: Garino believes the contra wire is a threat to people (which is kind of the point of having it put up).

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Coils of concertina wire on the border fence in Douglas, Arizona, on February 6, 2019.

Just how risky these crossings can be was highlighted in December when a 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died in USA custody after she and her father crossed in a large group in a remote area of New Mexico. They've really fenced you in. "I would not like to respond to one about concertina wire - because it's not going to be something good".

"Temperatures in the Bootheel area this morning were below freezing and the smugglers associated with this event showed no sense of safety and or value to human life when they guided this group into the United States illegally", according to the Border Patrol statement. They're anxious about people getting hurt by the wire but that is exactly what it's created to do.

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