Space project Mars One declared bankrupt

Katie Ramirez
February 13, 2019

Today's angel investor claimed feels suspiciously timed to counter the many news reports that came out yesterday following the discovery of Mars One's bankruptcy.

Mars One has not responded to a request for comment.

'Mars One has a very innovative business model combining branding and media rights with the increasingly popular topic of space exploration, ' chief executive Oscar Christian said at the time. Mars One was quietly declared bankrupt last month, placing the burden of colonizing Mars on NASA, SpaceX or perhaps some other privately funded entity.

Mars One selected volunteers all over the world who agreed to go to the Red Planet without the possibility of returning back to Earth. A user posted a link to financial documents suggesting that Mars One was set to be liquidated.

Meanwhile, the non-profit Mars One Foundation, according to Landorp, is still in operation, but it will not be able to continue without further funding.

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He noticed that the non-profit arm of Mars One, the Netherlands-based Mars One Foundation, was still alive, however, lacks investment to do anything.

For now, that's all Mars One is saying on the matter. And then, things went from "dream on" to "oh, no". Along the way, Mars One also fended off accusations that it was running a scam, getting people to pay almost $40 for a remote chance to travel in space.

Even when she was passed over, Beemer said she was glad to have been part of the selection process.

It looked like the final nail in the coffin for the organization, which was founded back in 2012 with the stated goal of taking humanity to the Red Planet via a reality TV show that would select a handful of finalists from thousands of astronaut applicants, but was repeatedly accused of being a scam preying on people's enthusiasm for Mars. After all, Mars One itself isn't an engineering firm, and has no operations in building space craft.

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