Supermoon, 2019's biggest and brightest, will light up the sky

Katie Ramirez
February 22, 2019

It was the second full-moon of 2019 and the biggest and brightest form the moon is predicted to be in this year.

Some North Americans missed out on the photo opportunity due to a storm system spanning the continent coast-to-coast.

The phenomenon occurs when a full moon, on its oval-shaped orbit, is at its closest point to Earth. At its farthest point from the Earth, the Moon is in apogee syzygy, and stargazers might notice a small-looking "micromoon".

Last night the "Super Snow Moon" rose up to dazzle Shelter Islanders with its size, brilliance and color. Because the moon's orbit changes orientation relative to the Earth's orbit around the sun, supermoons don't happen every year; 2019 has only three.

However, by ecclesiastical rules, the equinox is actually fixed on March 21, so that places this year's Easter Sunday on April 21.

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A Worm Moon is simply a term for a Full Moon that lands in March.

It reached peak fullness at about 2:53am but the best time to see it was just after sunset when the Moon was rising against the horizon, explained Dr Brad Tucker from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Since February is associated with heavy snow fall in Europe and America, the Supermoon that appeared in the month gets its name Super Snow Moon or Hunger Moon.

Another exciting fact is that this year we are going to witness back to back three months with full moons.

"That's when you get to see it coming on the horizon and the visual effects of it appearing to be bigger look the best", he said.

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