Feisty Feinstein Tells Schoolkids She Won't Be Lectured on Green New Deal

Katie Ramirez
February 27, 2019

The children pleaded with the senator to sign the Green New Deal resolution championed by freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, telling Feinstein that they had heard from "scientists" that the earth only has 12 years before cataclysm.

Later, a young woman stresses the need for a climate plan with "bold, transformative action", and Feinstein replies, "Well, you know better than I do". "I know what I'm doing", Feinstein said. She added, "I've been in the Senate for a quarter of a century, and I know what can pass, and I know what can't pass".

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is coming under fire after a video showing her interaction with a group of youth climate activists, some as young as 7 years old, went viral over the weekend. So, I think one day you should run for the Senate.

When one youngster from the group Sunrise Movement questioned Feinstein on whether or not she'll support the Green New Deal that's been proposed by House Democrats, she said "I tell you what, we have our own Green New Deal" piece of legislation.

'I was initially furious and ready to jump all over DiFi based on the edited video, and felt duped when I saw the longer one...'

Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her solution to climate change, the Green New Deal, which would mobilize the entire USA economy to ensure that 100 percent renewable energy would be produced and Carbon dioxide emissions would be greatly reduced. Later, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted to say that people who accept climate science but don't act at the scale that's necessary to avert the crisis are almost as bad as those who deny the problem exists in the first place.

Feinstein said the Green New Deal would not pass the Republican-dominated Senate. She tells them she has some issues with the Green New Deal, such as how to pay for it, and that huge sums of money can't just be taken out of military budgets.

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"Unfortunately, it was a brief meeting but I want the children to know they were heard loud and clear". "I've gotten elected. I just ran".

"We had a spirited discussion and I presented the group with my draft resolution that provides specific responses to the climate change crisis, which I plan to introduce soon".

'I always welcome the opportunity to hear from Californians who feel passionately about this issue and it remains a top priority of mine, ' she continued.

Ocasio-Cortez, newly elected to Congress, is a former campaign organizer for Sen.

Republicans have attacked the Green New Deal, asserting it reeks of socialism, as The Post's Salvador Rizzo notes. Republicans believe that the leftward push on climate change would result in the further isolation of Democrats from certain places in America where right-wing policies hold most influence.

Even Nancy Pelosi referred to the plan as a "green dream".

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