Overwatch's newest hero is the Haitian medic Baptiste

Ruben Fields
February 27, 2019

Regenerative Burst: Baptiste activates an intense regenerative burst that heals himself and nearby allies over time.

Baptiste is the first hero to be added in 2019 and the 7th support hero in Overwatch who uses a rifle similar to Ana's to heal allies from a distance.

Despite the lack of information now, there's no doubt we'll be seeing Baptiste land in the PC version's Public Test Realm sooner rather than later. "For some, that means a bandage", he says in his origin story video. The generator can be destroyed.

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Lastly, Baptiste's ult, "Amplification Matrix", builds a matrix that resembles a window in an area that doubles the damage and healing effects of all ally projectiles (both hitscan and projectiles) that pass through the matrix. Instead, Overwatch threw us a curveball with a surprise announcement of its 30th hero: Baptiste, a former Talon soldier who made the choice to change allegiances and become a combat medic for the side of good. In it, we learn that Baptiste was orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, and later on in life joined up with the terrorist organization Talon as a medic. Talon tried to track Baptiste down, but was thwarted each time.

Blizzard recently also released a new assault map set in Paris, but they haven't had a proper developer update now for several months. However, Talon was unforgiving and dispatched a team to eliminate Baptiste.

After much teasing over the past week, Blizzard has revealed Overwatch's newest hero.

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