OnePlus CEO Pete Lau reveals OnePlus 7 will not support wireless charging

Ruben Fields
March 1, 2019

The smartphone player offers looks and internals found in flagship phones at a lower price, but one feature that continues to elude OnePlus devices is the efficient wireless charging.

In the year 2014, OnePlus launched its smartphone devices in the Indian market and it collaborated with Amazon marketplace in order to distribute the mobile.

According to Pete Lau, fans are asking for something far inferior because wireless charging can't even get close to what the Warp Charge standard is offering. You have everything made of glass, allowing wireless charging, but don't add it because it's inferior?

It is not the first time OnePlus decides not to introduce wireless charging in an outcoming phone, and it is also the case of the forthcoming OnePlus 7, as well.

USB 3.2 Is Here To Make Things More Confusing For Everyone
Old terminology will remain in the marketplace on existing packaging, and even on new packaging before USB 3 .2 fully takes hold. USB 3 .2 Gen 1 still has transfer speeds up to 5Gb/s, and USB 3 .2 Gen 2 supports transfer speeds up to 10Gb/s.

They are working on a wireless charging solution that would provide both fast and reliable charging.

When OnePlus landed in North American markets, it quickly captured attention with its modern-looking and powerful phones. Huawei's flagship smartphone - Mate 20 Pro - took it one step forward by being the world's first smartphone to come with reverse wireless charging support. Resting the phone on a wireless charging pad at home and at the office is extremely convenient. Pete Lau is the CEO of OnePlus and he announced earlier today that the next-generation flagship smartphone will not support wireless charging. But at least for the meantime, just including a wireless charging coil that can operate at a measly 5W could appease customers. With the fast pace at which technology is developing, this year could see all or most of 2017's new smartphone features become standard.

When asked about expected growth in India and the company's plan around encashing growth projections with the advent of 5G, Lau said "Growth is not something which we don't forecast but it is a result of performance and action".

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