Apex Legends datamine details Battle Pass Season 1 menus

Ruben Fields
March 12, 2019

Credit: EAApex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment announced that it's banned more than 355,000 players on PC since the game's debut.

The post continued that among the improvements they have planned are an increase to their anti-cheat team, as well as a feature where PC players can report cheaters during a game.

"The service works but the fight against cheaters is an ongoing war that we'll need to continue to adapt to and be very vigilant about fighting".

Given that cheats and anti-cheats are an endless arms race where any information could lead to breakthroughs, Respawn are secretive about what exactly they plan to do.

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Respawn Entertainment said it meant to be "secretive" about its plans to combat cheating, so as not to forewarn players trying to break the rules. But occasionally it is fun to get a glimpse behind the curtain, and that is exactly what one of the battle royale players did, revealing the hidden pre-game lobby of the Apex Legends map. Not only that, but Respawn has begun to scale up its own internal anti-cheat team, while the studio also plans to introduce new reporting functionality for bad behaviour.

Another significant complaint among players that isn't tied directly to cheaters is the matter of quitters. "We are very aware of the cases of players spamming during character select and the drop and then disconnecting shortly after". There will also be skins, though it's unclear how many or how they will be obtained.

Respawn also note that they're working on fixing crashes, with several fixes coming in the next patch. Respawn say it would be prone to abuse, and they "believe the resources needed to build, test, and release it are better spent focused on fixing stability issues so that the feature isn't necessary". If this could be fixed by spending money on faster/more servers we would do it, but unfortunately there is no silver bullet on this one. "We'll keep you updated on any progress we make".

Octane is expected to be the next character released by Respawn for Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox and PC.

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