Mitt Romney Blows Out His Birthday Candles One At A Time

Clay Curtis
March 13, 2019

But the internet isn't talking about any of that.

After the Twinkie pile is placed on his desk, Romney proceeds to blow out the candles. Is it, in the words of one user, "gentle" - or, as another called it, "bizarre"?

The former Republican presidential nominee celebrated his 72nd birthday on Tuesday with a "cake" made of Twinkies, which he called his "favorite snack".

"These are all wishes I'm getting", he told those crowded into his office. He pulls each candle out of the cake, blowing them out individually while holding the discarded candles in his hand. Headlines in TIME, BuzzFeed and elsewhere soon followed.

It's Mitt Romney's party, and he can blow out his candles however he wants to.

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"Completely freakish", a second user tweeted.

Some on social media were impressed by the "genius" way Romney avoided blowing all over the cake, protecting his staff from germs, including WBZ-TV's David Wade.

TMZ caught up with Romney later Tuesday and asked him to explain his technique.

And they may have a point - scientifically speaking, blowing out birthday candles may actually increase cake bacteria by up to 1,400 percent. Yum.

The video: In the video, Romney is seen smiling and laughing over the cake, saying, "Oh my goodness, what I've always wanted!"

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