Slack Dark Mode Update Arrives For iOS And Android Users

Ruben Fields
March 15, 2019

Dark Mode is the most wanted feature in every application these days. Users that don't yet have the Slack update on their Android phones may wish to enroll in the beta to check it out. So, if you want to get Dark Mode right now, you will need to enter the Beta program.

Join Slack's beta testing program for free.

If - or once - you are part of the beta program, you can access dark mode in the app's settings. Once you tap it, you need to provide your email address and name. Also, it can take even several hours for the requests to be granted, a post which, one will have to update their app to activate the dark mode.

After launching dark mode for beta users on iOS last week, Slack now begins testing the feature on its Android version as well.

The dark mode toggle is under the main system settings. The Android app will require you to restart the app before you can allow the dark mode. It applies to nearly all the parts of the app including pop-ups, headers, and menus. However, it does not affect the colour palette of the Slack room. That apart, dark mode is also pleasing on the eyes as well and is known to cause less strain. This again isn't anything bad given the various benefits that the dark mode stands for.

Slack brings dark mode to its Android and iOS apps in the latest update

Whatever be the reason, the good news is that a host of other popular apps have either joined the bandwagon or are in the process of doing so. That said, there still is a way to get something similar if not the dark mode itself.

First, download the latest update from the Google Play Store.

As you probably know, dark mode has become one of the most requested features for almost every app on both iOS and Android.

Now, choose any one option - Light, Dark, or Follow night mode. This no doubt makes for a huge boon for mobile devices where battery life is often a premium.

There are so many tools and features in Slack that can help make you a more productive team member and many ways to maximize the use of the app. Still, it's a welcome option, especially for those who frequently use the workplace collaboration app throughout the day.

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