Steam Link Anywhere lets you stream games from, well, anywhere

Ruben Fields
March 15, 2019

Anyone with home streaming set up from their PC and either a Steam Link box or app elsewhere can play their games on the go.

The service is free to all who use Steam Link or the Steam Link app, and is now in beta.

For those making games, Valve have opened up the Steam Networking Sockets APIs to all developers. With the beta, that restriction is lifted, though Valve notes that both a high upload speed from the host computer and a strong network connection for Steam Link Anywhere to be functional. It should be added that iOS users are now out of luck, as Apple keep rejecting Valve's attempts to get the app on the App Store. To install it you go into the settings of the app and change the setting within the "Beta Participation" menu item to "Steam Beta Update". This was only really useful for those times when you want to play a game on your couch.

Assuming you've got all that covered, you'll see an "Other Computer" option on the screen when searching for computers to connect to via Steam Link.

Valve extend Steam Link out of the home and networking API to all developers

While Microsoft and Google are getting ready to duke it out over their cloud gaming services, Valve still has a foot in the market.

Steam Link Anywhere was announced ahead of Valve's GDC 2019 talk. You can also connect a controller to your phone if you need more precise inputs for more demanding games - like a racer or Dark Souls or something.

Steam Link Anywhere is an update for the dongle which allows it to stream games from any PC.

For what it's worth, I was able to get this going without issue on my OnePlus 6T with my Steam library hosted on my Windows 10 PC.

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