EA paid Ninja $1 million to promote Apex Legends

Ruben Fields
March 17, 2019

The report states that Ninja was asked by Electronic Arts to help the publisher launch Apex Legends with the game barely unraveled to the public. For this he was paid around $1 million, a source told Reuters. EA paid some of Twitch's biggest streamers to play the game in order to get it on the trending page, including Ninja.

People are always wondering just how money popular Twitch streamers like Ninja are making from their sponsors and now, we finally have a number. Respawn has said there will be new weapons, legends, and loot with each battle pass.

Respawn Entertainment is now organizing a bracket war on Twitter, for Apex Legends players to vote on which is their favorite zones to drop on Kings Canyon.

The rep also pointed to a disclosure policy streamers like Ninja were required to adhere to. "We do not partner with influencers, agencies, or talent who do not support proper disclosure".

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Respawn may have lost a few hype moments if the leaks are true.

He continued to stream and tweet about Apex Legends until about February 19, 2019, prior to his weekend vacation in LA.

EA's expensive ploy seemed to work: over 10 million gamers signed up to play Apex Legends in its first three days on release and, as we reported, the game powered past the 50 million-player mark less than a month after release.

Yes, Respawn could have taken away all the packs and coins from the exploit abusers, but that would have taken a ton of extra time and resources that the developer may not have wanted to dedicate to the issue. If nothing else, the battle pass also might include additional credits to earn, allowing you to earn the character faster. Either way, EA is sure to have no regrets in its decisions.

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