Fisker previews electric SUV to rival the Tesla Model Y

Daniel Fowler
March 19, 2019

Fisker, the auto company founded by designer Henrik Fisker, has released a teaser image of an affordable all-electric crossover to be revealed later this year.

Here's the very latest news on the electric vehicle front and it's a Fisker. Today brings our first look at the vehicle, which we now know will be an all-electric SUV with a standard range near 300 miles. A design trait common to both vehicles is the integration of sensors for electronic driver aids with the grille, and both will support massive wheels: up to 22 inches in diameter for the SUV and up to 24 inches for the sedan. Fisker boasts that the vehicle will have a "unique", yet intuitive interface, which hints that its crossover could go against the modern trend of ever-expanding, increasingly ugly infotainment screens. There's also the tease of "an extended open-air atmosphere", which sounds a lot like a retractable panoramic sunroof to us. Nevertheless, it hopes to prepare and reveal its first driving prototype of the model by the end of the year and will begin taking reservations closer to the projected launch window in the second half of 2021.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the unveil of the Tesla Model Y, the seven-seat all-electric SUV with a claimed 480km range.

Like Tesla, the company is skipping the traditional dealership model for a direct-to-consumer approach, handled via a type of concierge service. The Fisker EMotion luxury electric sedan was unveiled back at CES 2018, a stunning four-seater with gullwing doors front and rear, and the promise of 400 miles of range. Fisker anticipates charging times dropping to just minutes.

Fisker previews electric SUV to rival the Tesla Model Y

Now, though, it's juggling the timelines. It'll be the first vehicle to feature the company's solid-state batteries instead of typical lithium-ion batteries. Instead, it will arrive after the more affordable model.

Much in the way that Tesla has attempted to make its EVs more accessible to the mainstream, with the Model 3 and upcoming Model Y, so Fisker has ambitions for a broader audience.

The company projects to eventually have three different vehicles.

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