Admitting guilt is 'non-starter' for Kraft in solicitation case

Tanya Simon
March 20, 2019

The deferred prosecution deal offered to Kraft and others is a bit unusual in that it requires those charged to review the evidence in the case and agree that if it went to trial, they would be found guilty of prostitution solicitation. This week, Kraft was offered a deal to have all of his charges dropped.

Kraft has denied taking part in any illegal activity - and that admission is likely the primary reason he will decline the deal. While agreeing to admit guilt would ensure that the Patriots owner would not face any jail time, the Post reported that it would also "certainly mean he'd also face some kind of discipline from the NFL" under the league's personal conduct policy.

It's not surprising that Kraft didn't take the deal - but it'll be interesting to see if he regrets the decision.

Jack Goldberger, a lawyer representing Kraft in the case, did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday afternoon.

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Kraft pleaded not guilty to the two misdemeanor charges.

Police claim to have video evidence of him exchanging money for sexual services.

Kraft's attorneys and attorneys for 14 other supsects charged in the prostitution sting filed a protective order on Wednesday to stop law enforcement from releasing evidence gathered during the police investigation, according to TMZ Sports. Distancing himself from trafficking allegations is one of Kraft's primary objectives, as Quinn explained in a series of tweets Tuesday night.

Kraft is scheduled to be arraigned March 28 in Palm Beach County, Fla.

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