Mobile begins piloting in-home LTE internet service

Ruben Fields
March 21, 2019

Those who sign up will receive a router T-Mobile says is easy to set up, and they'll have support from a customer service team. "Thanks to lower prices and more competition, one economist estimates that the New T-Mobile will save customers up to $13.65 billion a year on home broadband by 2024".

The pilot is meant to demonstrate one of the key promises T-Mobile is making to government officials as it seeks approval to purchase Sprint.

But this year's pilot has lower speeds and is limited to "specific areas" because of "LTE network and spectrum capacity constraints", T-Mobile's announcement today said.

T-Mobile says that customers should expect speeds "around" 50Mbps and no data caps.

T-Mobile's plan is to offer this service in rural and other underserved areas of the US that don't already have reliable access to broadband service.

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Cellular data companies are always looking to one-up each other, and T-Mobile's latest decision is yet another example of that. However, if it is allowed to acquire Sprint, then the New T-Mobile could provide high-speed 5G home internet to more than half the U.S. with capacity for 9.5 million households by 2024. For many of these households, getting home internet in the 50-megabit range could be many times faster than what they had previously. 100Mbps would be great for rural customers, but by 2024 most United States households will expect more than that.

"Two weeks ago, I laid out our plans for home broadband with the New T-Mobile". T-Mobile said there will be "no annual service contracts, no hidden fees and no equipment costs;" sales tax and regulatory fees are "included in [the] monthly service price for qualifying accounts". With the 5G network that it says it'd be able to build after combining with Sprint, T-Mo expects that it'll offer 5G broadband service with speeds of more than 100Mbps to more than half of US households by 2024.

Do you plan to test out T-Mobile's home internet services?

The merger will reduce customer choice in mobile broadband by lowering the number of nationwide wireless carriers from four to three.

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