Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser leaks online, can be downloaded

Ruben Fields
March 25, 2019

The extension is for the development channels of Microsoft Edge and the company plans to convey the important stuff through the extension.

This makes clear that Microsoft doesn't seem to be offering any particular Edge-on-Chromium branding.

One former Microsoft intern even claims that the main reason for the switch is because Google's constant updating was breaking compatibility with the EdgeHTML system, causing Microsoft to "cave in".

Another area of importance is extensions - which add extra bits of functionality to the browser - and we've already heard that the new version of Edge will have a plentiful library of add-ons, as Microsoft calls them, thanks to the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons web page which popped up recently. You can even download the browser yourself and give it a try. It is noted that compared to a previous leak the newer browser has moved further away from the Chrome look and feel towards Microsoft's current Edge deigns.

Hands-on with the new Chromium-powered version of Microsoft Edge

When Microsoft officially launches the new browser for Insiders, the company will release a new Microsoft Edge Insider extension to go along with it.

Microsoft's new version of Edge is built on Chromium, and early builds include Chrome extension support, syncing of favorites, and some custom tweaks to the user interface. I was able to install both Grammarly and Google Translate, and both are working perfectly as if I was on Google Chrome. Features such as set tabs aside and the ability to ink directly onto webpages are now not available in this initial preview builds, and will likely show up in a future update. As of February, Edge held a 4.33 percent market share versus Internet Explorer at 10 percent and Chrome at 65 percent. As the company has previously communicated, the initial focus is strongly on accessibility features to enable much greater integration and co-operation with software such as screen-readers; caret browsing, integration with the Windows accessibility APIs, and high-contrast visual modes are all on the list of priorities.

Some more details have been spilled about Microsoft's new version of the Edge browser, built on Chromium (the same engine as Google's Chrome browser) - and an apparent full (preview) build of Chromium-based Edge has been leaked online. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.

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