NASA offering job that pays you $27000 to sleep for 60 days

Katie Ramirez
March 29, 2019

"The results of the study will help scientists develop more effective countermeasures or preventive measures so that astronauts on the space station do not have to spend most of their day doing sports", according to the German Aerospace Center, where the study will take place.

All activities - including eating, showering and going to the bathroom - must be done while lying down.

NASA is offering volunteers $18,500 to stay in bed, watch TV, and read books for two months to study how artificial gravity impacts the human body and how astronauts may be impacted by prolonged spells in space. If so, we may have found the ideal job for you. To mitigate these risks, ISS astronauts now exercise two hours per day and consume a balanced diet to protect their health.

ESA team leader for research Jennifer Ngo-Anh speaks to press during the launch of the first joint long-term bed rest study between ESA and USA space agency NASA set to investigate the potential of artificial gravity in mitigating the physiological effects of spaceflight.

According to translated reviews from participants and workers in other parts of this study, the team is constantly looking after your well-being and cooking nutritious food for your body.

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The researchers have already created a "short-arm human centrifuge" that generates artificial gravity and corrects the distribution of body fluids.

The study conducted in Cologne, Germany will have two campaigns. This centrifuge is being used to recreate Earth's gravity during the first joint long-term bed rest study between ESA and U.S. space agency NASA into the potential of artificial gravity in mitigating the effects of spaceflight.

There's a catch - you have to speak German. The second campaign will kick off in early September. In addition to the centrifuge, the facility houses labs for studying the effects of oxygen reduction and pressure decrease, MRI/PET analysis facilities, rooms for psychological stress simulations and rehab, and microbiological and molecular biological research tools. You need to be between 152cm and 190cm tall and have a BMI of between 19 and 30.

They're still looking for participants, who can sign up here. This amount is equivalent to about $19,000.

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