Biggest python EVER: Snake found in Florida Everglades had 73 eggs

Katie Ramirez
April 8, 2019

Researchers have captured what they are calling the largest python to ever be removed from the Big Cypress National Preserve.

The park said on Facebook the female python weighs 140 pounds, is over 17 feet long and contained 73 developing eggs. Others escaped from a breeding facility wrecked by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Mash and cotton rabbits, as well as foxes in the area, have effectively disappeared. Experts believes tens of thousands of the snakes are now slithering through Everglades waterways.

The team found the python by using a new approach in which researchers track male pythons by using radio transmitters.

The snakes were banned from importation for the pet trade in 2012, but the US Geological Survey website says tens of thousands of pythons are estimated to be present in the Everglades.

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The snake, measuring at 18 feet 2 inches, fell short of the state record by 6 inches, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The goal is to remove the invasive snakes and to also collect data for research that will help Big Cypress develop new removal tools and learn the pythons' habits.

The pythons in the Everglades and in the Big Cypress National Preserve have had a profound impact on the environment, which is primary reason for trying to find a way eliminate or control their population.

Other efforts to remove pythons have proved less successful.

In 2017, two renowned snake catchers from India's mountain-dwelling Irula tribe bagged only 33 pythons after chanting across the Everglades for two months.

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