Police Respond To ‘Pounding Noises’ In Oregon Bathroom And Find Unexpected Culprit

Clay Curtis
April 12, 2019

Take the case of a "burglary in progress" call in Oregon.

OR police had gone to the house after receiving a call reporting a disturbance at the home and loud pounding noises, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The officers, who even went so far as to request a canine to help them at the scene, reported hearing noises coming from a bathroom inside the house. After deputies broke down the door guns drawn, they quickly realized why the suspect was unresponsive.

Deputies who went into an OR home with their guns drawn Tuesday afternoon learned that a suspected burglar barricaded inside a bathroom was really a Roomba vacuum.

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Washington County Sheriff's Office posted about the incident on their Facebook page Tuesday.

The woman told dispatch the intruder had locked the bathroom door, but she could see shadows moving underneath. With guns drawn, deputies opened the door to find the suspect was an automated robot vacuum.

Deputies in Portland, Oregon responded to a possible home invasion, but the intruder they found wasn't alive or a person. "We made several announcements and the 'rustling" became more frequent, ' Rodgers said. Instead they were met by a Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner, that appeared to be trapped inside.

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