US House passes 'net neutrality' bill unlikely to become law

Daniel Fowler
April 12, 2019

"The Internet is free and open, while faster broadband is being deployed across America".

Walters promised that the ACU would "double weigh" votes made by House congressmen on the "Save the Internet" Act in next year's "Ratings of Congress" report.

The Democratic House spent its last session before a two-and-a-half-week spring recess debating and voting 232-190 to pass a major net neutrality bill that has no chance of becoming law.

The lawsuit argues that the FCC's order to repeal net neutrality rules violated a law called the Administrative Procedure Act, which prohibits arbitrary and capricious rule-making.

Republicans have said the bill would open the door to the FCC imposing rate regulations or adding taxes to internet service similar to levies on cable or phone bills. Companies like Netflix have advocated for net neutrality, finding themselves on the opposite side of large service providers like Comcast and AT&T.

The bill was introduced last month by Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Penn., and of its nearly 200 cosponsors, there was not a single Republican to be found.

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Wednesday's vote marked the latest swing of the pendulum in a lengthy battle in Washington over what sites and services consumers can access when they go online, and which startups and industries might flourish as a result. The Office of Management and Budget said Monday it opposes the bill.

In short, it's an important issue, and one that is not going to go away. The effort to repeal it stemmed from the drive to curb the ability of internet providers to erect gates around content. Proponents of net neutrality say it prevents private companies from dictating the flow of information on the internet.

But the bill faces long odds in the GOP-controlled Senate, after Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky told reporters Tuesday that the measure is "dead on arrival".

The net-neutrality saga continued as tech companies and almost two dozen U.S. states sued to undo the 2017 repeal and restore the 2015 measure.

"In the net neutrality aspect of it, it's who's in charge here", he said. Some agreed not to enforce the laws pending the outcome of the Mozilla case.

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