Google+ is Now Google Currents for G Suite Customers

Ruben Fields
April 13, 2019

It seems faster as compared to Google+.

Google revealed a slew of updates to G Suite at its 2019 Google Cloud Next conference. "Your Google Assistant already helps with your personal life, but now when you sign in and switch to your G Suite account, you can easily use your Assistant to help you prepare for the work day, too", Google said in an official blog post.

The next set of updates are all about helping organizations to work smarter, first of all through an extension of Google's Cloud Search tool.

Meanwhile, Google Sheets is getting a new feature called "Connected Sheets" that links to Google's BigQuery analytics service. That's where Hangouts Chat and Meet came from.

Well if what you're after is full access to all of Google's features the answer is a resounding no. Google's never been clear why their G Suite offering doesn't support many of Google's products and features, is it because the platform is incompatible, is it because of security concerns for larger customers?

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A beta version of that integration is live now and it allows employees stuck in a meeting that's running long to schedule a follow-up meeting to the current meeting using a voice command.

Google has also made it possible to edit in real-time in Microsoft Office. Voice also features artificial intelligence capabilities that can help to transcribe voicemail messages and block spam calls. Users will be able to work on Office files in G Suite without having to convert file types. Google still has the code and is resurrecting the service into Google Currents.

Currents looks similar to Google+ even if the company claims to bring new look and feel.

Google+ is sort of back. The end of this service started when Google introduced Google+ integration with Gmail, YouTube, Hangouts and all of the Google services.

Google is also giving G Suite users more options on where to back up their data, so companies can choose whether it should be stored in the USA or Europe.

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